Children's Dentistry

Finding the right dentist to care for your child has never been more critical. With so many connections between dental health and your overall health and well-being, one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a healthy smile and the skills to maintain it.

Building early relationships with their dentist is an essential factor in setting your son or daughter up for a lifetime of success at the dental office.

We Take Great Care of Families in Citrus Heights, CA

Dr. Brandon Erickson and his team make it easy for families to get the dental care they need in one convenient location in Citrus Heights, CA.

Dr. Erickson has a unique understanding of how important it is to build relationships with children built on trust. This is because he’s spent over eight years taking care of children in a specialized pediatric dental practice. His warm and friendly demeanor immediately puts children at ease and helps them feel safe and comfortable in the dental chair.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), Dr. Erickson recommends that we see your son or daughter for their first dental visit at around the ages of one to two years old. Your child should continue to come in every six months for checkups, just like you do.

While this may seem early, it allows us to monitor your child’s oral development, so he can make you aware of any concerns as soon as possible. It also gives our team a chance to begin building rapport and a relationship with your child so they can see that the dentist is a friendly and welcoming place.

We’re There for Your Child as They Get Older

As your little one gets older, we may recommend additional services for your child, such as dental sealants or fluoride treatments.

Fluoride helps small teeth become strong, and it also helps to remineralize teeth that have been affected by decay. Fluoride is a simple treatment to incorporate into your child’s dental cleaning appointment.

Dental sealants are micro-thin coatings placed over the surfaces of your son or daughter’s back teeth. Sealants fill in the grooves of your child’s teeth and keep out the acids and bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Since sports activities are the cause of nearly half of all dental emergencies, we also recommend mouthguards for children who play sports. A custom mouthguard offers your son or daughter more protection than a one-size-fits-all guard you will find at your local sporting goods store.

Call Citrus Grove Dentistry to Schedule Your Child’s Next Dental Appointment

If you’re looking for a friendly and comprehensive family dentist in Citrus Heights, CA, look no further than Dr. Erickson and his team at Citrus Grove Dentistry. We look forward to meeting your child and building a long-term relationship with them.