Dental Implants

Tooth loss can be devastating in more ways than one. First, you may have difficulty and even pain when you’re trying to chew and eat your food. Next, you might find yourself feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile because of your missing tooth.

When you can’t smile with confidence, you can’t be sure you’re making the right impression on others, which can impact your personal and professional relationships.

A Healthy and Reliable Solution for Tooth Loss

Dr. Erickson offers dependable solutions for tooth loss with Bicon dental implants. Tooth implants have proven to be one of the most successful dental treatments because they replace both your root and your tooth, essentially giving you an entirely new tooth.

Bicon implants are shorter, which doesn’t require as much bone support, so your implant dentist in Citrus Heights can place these implants without the need for bone grafting procedures. Shorter implants also make implant dentistry accessible to patients who may not have been candidates for tooth implants in the past due to bone loss.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Citrus Heights

While you’re dealing with the challenges of eating and chewing without your tooth, there are also many other problems starting that you may be unaware of.

When you lose a tooth root, your bone has nothing left to support, and it begins to deteriorate. Bone loss can affect your appearance, causing a sunken look that makes you appear older. Lack of bone can also impact support for neighboring teeth, eventually resulting in more tooth loss.

Replacing a missing tooth not only completes your smile and allows you to chew and eat with ease again, but it also keeps your surrounding teeth from shifting. Tooth movement can result in bite misalignment that can impact your jaw function.

Dental implants are a very reliable treatment, with a 95 percent success rate. They also provide patients with the best longevity of any tooth-replacement option since they can potentially last for a lifetime. Tooth implants are a wise long-term investment in your dental health and your confidence.

Comprehensive Implant Dentistry in Citrus Heights

If you are considering restoring your smile with dental implants, you’ll be happy to know that Dr. Erickson has the training and skills required to both surgically place, and restore tooth implants at Citrus Grove Dentistry.

Using Bicon dental implants makes surgical implant placement even more successful and accessible for almost every patient dealing with tooth loss. Our team will guide you through the process from start to finish at our Citrus Heights dental office, so you’ll always be working with people you trust.

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