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When you visit Citrus Grove Dentistry, you'll notice right away that our dental office is well-equipped with a lot of the latest technology. Dr. Erickson strives to make our patients feel welcome and safe in the dental chair, and much of our advanced technology helps us do so.

We also use technology to help educate our patients about their teeth and their oral health so they can make the right decisions about the treatment that best suits their needs.

Digital X-Rays and Sensor

Digital X-Rays and Sensors

Digital x-rays and sensors allow Dr. Erickson the opportunity to see up close exactly what is going on with your dental health internally. Images of your teeth, jawbone, and joints can help us to detect and diagnose many concerns early on.

Digital images give a clearer picture that is readily available for Dr. Erickson to review with you on the television screen in our treatment rooms. They are efficient and safe for our patients since they emit 80 percent less radiation than standard films used in the past.

Intraoral-Camera and image on screen

Intraoral Camera

What if you could see the fracture in your tooth? You might have a better understanding of why your tooth needs a crown.

Our intraoral camera allows you to have a clear view of your teeth and the inside of your mouth. This tiny, pen-sized camera provides us with full-color pictures of your teeth that we can share with you. The intraoral camera is an excellent tool to help you see and understand precisely why particular treatment procedures would be beneficial for your dental health.

Panoramic-X-Ray Machine

Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray offers a full view of your teeth, jawbone, and joints in one picture. This x-ray is typically recommended every five years to help monitor your dental health. It can also be used for planning implant surgeries, monitoring wisdom teeth, and diagnosing jaw joint problems. 

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